Backwards Compatibility

Relations between the RML Ontology and R2RML and the previous resources of RML

Prefix Namespace
Previous Resource Relationship New Resource Module
rr:BlankNode equivalent to rml:BlankNode RML-Core
rr:TermMap subclass of rml:TermMap RML-Core
rr:GraphMap equivalent to rml:GraphMap RML-Core
rr:ObjectMap subclass of rml:ObjectMap RML-Core
rr:PredicateMap equivalent to rml:PredicateMap RML-Core
rr:SubjectMap equivalent to rml:SubjectMap RML-Core
rr:IRI equivalent to rml:IRI RML-Core
rr:Join subclass of rml:Join RML-Core
rr:Literal equivalent to rml:Literal RML-Core
rr:PredicateObjectMap subclass of rml:PredicateObjectMap RML-Core
rr:RefObjectMap subclass of rml:RefObjectMap RML-Core
rr:TriplesMap subclass of rml:TriplesMap RML-Core
oldrml:TriplesMap subclass of rml:TriplesMap RML-Core
rr:class equivalent to rml:class RML-Core
rr:constant subproperty of rml:constant RML-Core
rr:datatype subproperty of rml:datatype RML-Core
rr:graph equivalent to rml:graph RML-Core
rr:graphMap equivalent to rml:graphMap RML-Core
rr:joinCondition subproperty of rml:joinCondition RML-Core
rr:logicalTable subproperty of rml:logicalSource RML-Core
oldrml:logicalSource subproperty of rml:logicalSource RML-Core
rr:object subproperty of rml:object RML-Core
rr:objectMap subproperty of rml:objectMap RML-Core
rr:parentTriplesMap subproperty of rml:parentTriplesMap RML-Core
rr:predicate subproperty of rml:predicate RML-Core
rr:predicateMap subproperty of rml:predicateMap RML-Core
rr:predicateObjectMap subproperty of rml:predicateObjectMap RML-Core
rr:subject subproperty of rml:subject RML-Core
rr:subjectMap subproperty of rml:subjectMap RML-Core
rr:termType subproperty of rml:termType RML-Core
rr:column subproperty of rml:reference RML-Core
rr:child subproperty of rml:child RML-Core
rr:parent subproperty of rml:parent RML-Core
oldrml:reference subproperty of rml:reference RML-Core
rr:template subproperty of rml:template RML-Core
rr:language subproperty of rml:language RML-Core
oldrml:LogicalSource subclass of rml:LogicalSource RML-IO
rr:LogicalTable subclass of rml:LogicalSource RML-IO
oldrml:BaseSource subclass of rml:LogicalSource RML-IO
rr:BaseTableOrView subclass of rml:LogicalSource RML-IO
rr:R2RMLView subclass of rml:LogicalSource RML-IO
rr:sqlVersion subproperty of rml:referenceFormulation RML-IO
rr:tableName subproperty of rml:source RML-IO
rr:sqlQuery subproperty of rml:query RML-IO
oldrml:source subproperty of rml:source RML-IO
oldrml:iterator subproperty of rml:iterator RML-IO
ql:XPath replaced by rml:XPath RML-IO
ql:JSONPath replaced by rml:JSONPath RML-IO
ql:CSV replaced by rml:CSV RML-IO
rr:SQL2008 replaced by rml:SQL2008 RML-IO